Martina Liana

Prices from £1900

For the bride who radiates confidence, global glamour and impeccable style, look no further than Martina Liana — the embodiment of exquisite couture bridal design.

If you’re a bride wanting to make a statement in a super glamourous gown, then the Martina Liana collections are the dresses for you!

The most recent collection brings together chief designer Martine Harris’s passion for creating intricate, unexpected details along with her obsession for clean and modern silhouettes. A unique and romantic fusion.

Whether it’s floaty and ethereal you’re looking for or fitted and sexy – Martina Liana has every box ticked!

1078 - £2800
1060 - £2800
1057 - £2800
1048 - £2800
1235 - £2000
1150 - £2300
1122 - £2800
1137 - £2600
1193 - £2845
1254 - £1995
1059 - £2500
Martina Liana - 1423 - £2300
Martina Liana - 1401 - £1799
Martina Liana - 1390 - £2000
Martina Liana - 1374 - £2045
Martina Liana - 1374 - £2000
Martina Liana - 1348 - £2700

Martina Liana

Prices from £1900

Designer Martine says: “A bridal gown is more than just something a bride will wear once. She will replay the memories of her day in her mind for years to come and pictures of her will be passed down for generations. A bride’s love story inspires us and this is why we love creating magical and unforgettable gowns.”

This passion to create an enduring memory is exemplified in the couture craftsmanship of every Martina Liana gown and this can be seen in the way the luxurious fabrics flow as a bride glides down the aisle. In the handcrafted fit, that accentuates a womanly form. And in the heirloom quality detailing that will leave every guest in awe – and stir the heart of a husband-to-be.

When you select a Martina Liana creation, you wear something far more than just a wedding dress. You make a statement. One that exemplifies the style, the attitude and the elegance of the bride, and the woman, you are.

exclusive to Warwickshire, Tillys is beyond proud to showcase thE incredible wedding dress designer Martina Liana. 

Is Martina the one for you?