Meet Sian…

Tillys Bridal Boutique Wedding Dresses Royal Leamington Spa Warwickshire Sian

Sian is the Founder and Owner of Tilly’s… Dog-aholic, wine-aholic, shop-aholic. 

With over 20 years’ experience in both bridal and luxury retail (most recently heading up the Training Team at famous British design house Burberry before opening Tilly’s 10 years ago) you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone else with as much experience of all things luxe.

‘’After a long career in the corporate world of luxury cosmetics and designer fashion, I burnt out. I just couldn’t keep up in the rat race any longer and decided that it was the time to dedicate my working life to an industry where I felt I could make a difference… Hence the bridal industry.

That’s why I opened Tilly’s… I wanted our little boutique to become known as THE shop to visit when brides are on the search for their dream dress. I wanted brides to come to us not just because we’ve got nice dresses but also because we’re experts…. We understand the cut of a dress, what’s going to work well with body shapes, what’s going to date…

In the end, it’s about achieving the most incredible version of yourself – different, but not so different brides don’t feel like themselves. We’re not intimidating, we’re not overly trendy – but I guarantee that you’re going to have loads of fun, get expert advice and just have the BEST time!’’

Sian doesn’t get the chance to work directly with brides as much as she’d like to, so make the most of her and her extensive knowledge and expertise whilst you have her!

(PSA – Sian has a potty mouth. She doesn’t mean to swear, but in her old age she seems to have lost the ability to self-edit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

My Advice

It’s OK to say yes to the dress! It doesn’t matter if it’s your first appointment. There are no rules so don’t let anyone else convince you otherwise. If you love it, buy it.

Tillys Bridal Boutique Wedding Dresses Royal Leamington Spa Warwickshire Laura

My Advice

Don’t over-shop.
Do your research beforehand and
come open-minded.

Meet Laura…

Madder than a box of frogs, but with a heart that is bigger than anyone you’ll ever meet; Laura has an insane amount of experience in the bridal industry and honestly loves nothing more than helping our gorgeous brides find “The One”.

You’re super lucky to have nabbed an appointment with Laura as she gets booked up pretty far in advance; so, make the most of her extensive skills, knowledge and expertise whilst you have her! However, be prepared to leave with a new name… ‘Flower’ ‘Lovey’ ‘Angel’ ‘Darling’ and ‘Sweetie’ are amongst Laura’s favourites.

Working in bridal is addictive. I started out working in bridal shops in my early 20s and then went into retail for 15 years or so. But only when I started working at Tilly’s did I realise how much I missed it. We work with beautiful things everyday and we make people happy – and when you find your bride the right dress, you just get the most wonderful feeling. It’s incredibly rewarding.

We get to know our brides over quite a long period of time. And while I’ve been married for years now, it’s so lovely to be part of other people’s journey. I particularly love it when women come in and they’re not that confident. I really enjoy bringing them out of their shell, and making them feel welcome and comfortable – and showing them they can feel beautiful in their dress.

Because we have had brides who have been elsewhere and not treated with respect. Some have even been told, ‘I’m sorry, we don’t have anything for you to try on’. Our samples are a UK 12-14 and there are ways we can make a dress work the bride. And I think by taking the time, we can pick out gowns and accessories to create an incredible finish. And we have that experience to know what’s going to look good – and it makes the appointment as it should be: extra-special.