Web Beatrice JS24 FF 3349

Josephine Scott

Prices from £2300

Having worked with some of the biggest and best British bridal fashion houses, Josephine Parkhill has been making her mark in the industry for 20 years. 

Josephine combines her creative innovation with sophisticated elegance, to create a fusion of plush fabrics, hand embellishments and intricate detailing in her own unique style. Making her one of the most sought-after bridal wear designers in the UK. 

With an eye for design and a passion for beautiful fabrics, Josephine Scott takes you to the world of luxury and romance. Her collections are unashamedly feminine, with a focus on luxurious fabrics in a modern twist.

Josephine Scott is the epitome of luxury designs for sophisticated brides.

Web Audrey Blue JS24 BC 1926
Web Audrey Blue JS24 FC 1676
Web Audrey Blue JS24 FC 1787
Web Beth JS24 FC 1982
Web Beth JS24 FB 2037
Web Christina B JS24 FF 2241
Web Chloe Christina JS24 FC 2207
Web Christina JS24 FB 2367 1
Web Reagon JS24 FB 1059
Web Reagon JS24 FC 1020
Web Reagon JS24 FF 1001 3
Web Reagon JS24 FF 1134
Web Valentina 56
Web Valentina 65
Web Valentina 71
Isla 01
Isla 02
Everly 01
Web Molly JS24 FF 806
Web Beatrice JS24 FF 3349 1
Web Beatrice JS24 FC 3402
Web Beatrice JS24 FB 3439
Web Beatrice B JS24 FF 3354

Is Josephine Scott the one for you?