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Prices from £1900

Best friends at their core, Jane and Christine began their bridal journey after graduating from The London College of Fashion and met whilst working together at a small West End bridal company where their love affair with the industry began.

“We focus on designing for real women, weaving together femininity with strength, understanding each bride’s desire to find the balance between timeless and trendy.”

​Despite the modernity, the brand undoubtedly exudes in its clean lines, with feminine touches for contemporary glamour.

Distinctive fabrics and on-point pattern cutting result in sophisticated collections that do not label a figure type and focus on-trend.

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Prices from £1900

Christine and Jane’s passion for creating beautiful dresses and a desire to innovate has kept Freda Bennet at the forefront of the Bridal industry.

Forward-thinking and for those less formal weddings the new capsule Urban collection has a metropolitan edge, for today’s modern bride. The designs are more relaxed and less conventional with an emphasis on embellishment offering an effortless sense of British cool.

The designers say: “Whilst we love what we do, our business could never have worked so effectively if we weren’t such great friends. Despite the competing demands of a design partnership, friendship, and motherhood it would not have been so successful had we not had creative diversity, loyalty, quiet determination, a willingness to think positively, a shared sense of humour, and a great deal of laughter along the way”.

With their exquisite fabrics and incredible construction, Tilly’s are proud and delighted to be the exclusive Warwickshire stockists of Freda Bennet wedding gowns.

exclusive to Warwickshire, Tillys is beyond proud to showcase thE incredible wedding dress designer Freda Bennet.

Is Freda the one for you?