Tilly’s is six years old today, yay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you gorgeous brides and accompanying bride tribes who have supported our boutique over the years. You’ve celebrated with us, sipped fizz with us (when it was allowed) and always championed our unique brand of bridal, and for that, we couldn’t be more thankful. You, my loves, are amazing – you’re why we do it!

Now, as we are in the business of celebrating, we have been indulging in our own birthday festivities in the boutique to mark the occasion. There are balloons, there are pumpkins, there was cake (I don’t know where that went…) and, most of all, there is a constant atmosphere of excitement and celebration.

We are as joyous about fitting our brides today as we were on day one and the pleasure we get from finding you THE dress will never grow old (even if we do age a little…ahem). If Rona wasn’t around, we would definitely be inviting you all in the celebrate in true TTB style, but for now, we’ll raise a socially-distanced glass and say here’s to the future, we know it’ll be sparkly and oh so stylish.