Tilly’s has undergone something of a mini makeover and we are OBSESSED. As you can probably tell from our social ranting. We literally cannot go more than five minutes before posting another pampas grass pic or showing your flashes of our ‘selfie wall’. Sorry, not sorry.

IMG 4014

Mad crazy pampas skills courtesy of Laura, our beautiful bridal consultant

We promise this is not vanity, we’re just so flippin’ excited to take our Tilly’s brand to the next level and our beautiful brides and followers are reason we do it all.

Having an immersive environment for you to soak up every ounce of bridal sparkle is central to everything we do. From the moment you step through the door, we want your appointment to be personal, warm, welcoming and with a few little touches of ‘je ne sais quoi’.

IMG 4015

Perfection to a ‘T’

Our antique gold TT lettering adorns the wall as soon as you enter our space, accompanied by, you guessed it, our pampas crescent that, let’s be honest, takes our hand sanitisation station up a notch.

IMG 4018 Rotated

This is where we sit and do all our important computer things, like falling down wedding rabbit holes online.

Swing by the reception desk (now clad in our signature navy blue and gold branding) and you’ll have the opportunity to perch on our plush mink pink sofa for a selfie. Now, you can do this at any point during your appointment but we might suggest before everyone is balling their eyes out at how beautiful you look in your wedding dress.

IMG 4007

But first, let me take a selfie.

Walk through into our fitting area we have taken the very essence of girl power (thank you Spice Girls) with a healthy reminder to all our brides to ‘GET IT GIRL’.  If not now, when can we shout out positivity to our brides who have had a tough 2020. We’re here for you, we’ve got your backs and we care deeply about your day, beyond the dress (although the dress is very important).

IMG 4009 Rotated

Get it Girl!

When our brides are in boutique we love nothing more than to get to know you and understand the details and nuances of your plans. If we can help with recommendations, we will exercise the strength of our little black bridal book and share our knowledge and contacts with you.

IMG 4011

It’s all in the detail

Now you may be thinking, surely they’re done now, there can’t possibly be room for more fabulousness in that sassy little boutique?… All we can say is, watch this space. Let’s be honest, you’ll know within five minutes of its arrival as we’ll be scrambling to the gram to tell you all.


Credit where credit’s due:

Signage: Dan Todd
Pampas selfie arrangement: Anna at Dotty Branding
Pampas crescent: Laura Kimberley
Creative Director: Sian (obvs)