The arrival of Zetterberg Couture

Let’s take it right back to London Bridal Week…

Through the crowds, sequins and glitter we spotted a little corner showcasing a gorgeous muted palette with flowing fabrics and delicate lacework.

“Zetterberg Couture” – greeted by designer Theresé herself, we were shown the collection of bridal gowns and separates. Between us all at Team TTB our styles are all very different but somehow Zetterberg managed to appeal to all of us in its own little way. We handpicked pieces from the collection and fell further in love with every addition – even to the point of considering ordering a beautiful chiffon train to add to our everyday wardrobe. #SASS

It was love at first sight and we have never been so excited about a new designer collection EVER in the history of Tilly Trotter’s Brides. Now we have a full rail of beautiful pieces hanging in our boutique and we couldn’t be more proud.

Zetterberg to us is the epitome of ‘Bridal Chic’, deriving from Sweden it brings with it exactly what we love about Swedish design – the pieces are extremely cool and relaxed but with a hint of elegance thrown in. Soft flowing tulle skirts layered with lace tops and delicate ribbon belts. There’s even capes! CAPES!

Our favourite pieces include a mesh spotted top with lace cuffs (dreamy) and a gorgeous fitted gown in the most amazing crepe you’ll ever touch!

And their Lily & Rose jewellery collection – don’t get us started. We’ll save that for another day!

Can you tell we’re in love? Fancy a try?


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