Naomi Neoh

“One part physicist, two parts hopeless romantic… Welcome to world of wedding gown designer Naomi Neoh.”

Naomi Neoh creates modern, elegant gowns designed for an utterly romantic bride. She loves the swish of light billowing silks with delicate French lace finished with fine beading, crisp ribbon and silk rose corsages.
Inspired by real brides, her favourite pastime is to create gowns for real women’s body shapes, using her innate understanding of line and cut to adjust each dress to flatter and fit. A dedicated fabric addict, making wedding dresses allows Naomi to use the finest fabric with the most decadent trims and often a design will come instinctively once she has fallen in love with a new fabric.

The design team in London create every gown from scratch – from sketch to drape, pattern, toile, re-cut, re-pattern (as many times as necessary), pin and tuck, to the final gown.
Dresses are designed inside and out, so the finished gown has the cut, finish and internal structure to sit beautifully on the body.

From £2395